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Parts of Hip and Leg Bones

Pelvic (hip bones)

  • ilium (flared upper portion)
  • iliac crest (upper edge of ilium)
  • posterior superior iliac spine (posterior continuation of iliac crest)
  • ischium (lower, posterior portion)
  • pubis (anterior, medial portion)
  • pubic symphysis (joint between the two pubic bones)


  • head (round process that articulates with hip bone)
  • neck (constricted portion distal to head)
  • greater trochanter (large lateral process for muscle attachment)
  • lesser trochanter (medial process for muscle attachment)
  • condyles (rounded processes that articulate with tibia)


  • condyles (articulates with femur)
  • medial malleolus (distal process – the medial ankle bone)


  • head (articulates with tibia)
  • lateral malleolus (distal process – the lateral ankle bone)

Tarsals (7)

  • calcaneus (heel bone)
  • talus (articulates with calcaneus and tibia)
  • cuboid, navicular
  • cuneform – 1st, 2nd, 3rd